Using a graphing calculator

The figure at the right is a graphing calculator. The graph shown is y = x4-1. The window in the x,y-plane is -3 < x < 3 and -3 < y <3.

The arrowpad on the bottom right allows you to change the window. Click on any of the four arrows to move around the x,y plane. Clicking on the right arrow moves the window to the right, and so the graph of the function shifts to the left

Click on the dark dot to zoom in at the center of the window. Click on the green ring outside the dot to zoom out. Note how the scales on the axes change.

Sometimes you want to zoom in at a point on the curve. Click on the grid to produce two blue guidelines that meet at the point where you plan to zoom in. Drag the guidelines to the exact point where you want to zoom in.

Then click the Plot button to zoom in. If you click several times, the curve will appear to straighten out.

To change the graph being plotted, delete the text to the right of the word 'Plot.' Type a different polynomial and then click the Plot button.

Click on the Reset button to set the window back to the original size.