Pizza models for fractions and mixed numbers

The figure at the right uses pizza models to represent fractions and mixed numbers. The gray circles are pans used for serving pizza. Each colored wedge is a slice of pizza.

On the first line, one pizza equals 10 slices. In other words, each slice is 1/10 of a pizza. The single red slice models the number 1/10.


Click the gray wedge above the red slice to show 2/10. Moving counterclockwise, click on the gray wedges to model the fractions 3/10, 4/10, , , all the way up to 10/10, which is 1.

Click on the gray pan to the right of the red pizza to model fractions between 1 and 2.

The second line models the mixed number 3 5/6 by using green pizzas cut into six slices. Each slice is 1/6 of a pizza.

The third line models the 'improper' fraction 18/7, which is 2 whole pies plus 4/7 of a third pie. This is the same as the mixed number 2 4/7

Keep on clicking until you are comfortable with the pizza model of fractions and mixed numbers.