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How to use our site

• Only one paragraph appears in black print at a time. Click anywhere in this paragraph to change its text color to black. Read through this page by clicking on each paragraph when you are ready to read it.

• The center column on the welcome page, now in the frame at the right, contains links to lessons. When you click on a link, you will reach a lesson page divided into two frames: text on the left and an interactive figure at the right. You can drag the vertical bar between the frames to adjust their sizes.

Always read the text carefully and follow the instructions, which explain what you are supposed to do with the figure. If you are using Internet Explorer, you need to first activate the figure by clicking on it.

• When you click the link 2. Unit on Area, the top left frame will show a Table of Contents listing links to lessons numbered 0 through 8. Click on any link to go to the lesson: you are advised to go in order.

• Whenever you ae asked to click on an object, move the mouse cursor over the object, then press and release the left mouse button.

How to use sliders

• The colored gadget on the line below is called a slider. The number 0 on the left is the value of the slider. To change the slider's value, click on the green part and drag horizontally.

• Here's a practice question: How much is 4 times 9? Set the slider value to the answer, then click and hold OK to check your work.

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