Practice with plane coordinates, I

Whenever you are given the coordinates of a point, you should be able to locate it on graph paper.
    Use this screen to practice that skill.
    Look at the example in the figure.
    It shows the point (1,1) as a black dot.

You are asked to locate the point
    (x,y) = (1.4, -2.5) by dragging the black dot to that point.
    The blue and green lines, which help identify the coordinates of the dot, will follow along.
    First drag the dot right until the blue vertical line meets the x-axis at the number 1.4
    You have moved the dot so that its x-coordinate is 1.4

Now drag the dot straight down until the green horizontal line meets the y-axis at the number -2.5
    Make sure that the x-coordinate is still 1.4.
    You have moved the dot so that its y-coordinate is -2.5 , and you are done.

• Click OK to check your answer.

Click on the blue button at the top of the screen to try another example. Practice till you get the right answer quickly and easily.